Wednesday, September 24, 2008

TOYO Restaurant

Japanese Grill, sushi

We weren't really attracted to go see a Japanese Grilling show. When you lived it once in your life, the enthusiasm isn’t the same.

This outing was the kids’ choice so we went with the outlook that they would have a blast watching the chef make all his juggling with his spatula and knife.

The kids were possessed as we arrived at the restaurant. Japanese 101 was on the menu and they bombarded the hostess with questions. How do you translate Hello, I'm hungry, thank you, goodbye, etc. We were greeted with lots of kindness and politeness from the staff. The chef did a very good show with the fire and the juggling. The kids had a great time and we did also as we watched their reactions to the show.

How about the food? Our chef did a great job sautéing the shrimps, meat and chicken and mixing them with the sauces and spices. Our meal was very good even if we feel that the recipes and concept should be reinvented. It's better to go in groups you'll have more fun. Off course the chef's skills and humor will be the factor for a great time. Each table can seat a maximum of 7 people. So if you're a kid or a kid at heart, you'll enjoy the experience.

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2155 de la Montagne
(corner Sherbrooke)
Montréal, (QUÉBEC)
Métro Peel

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