Friday, September 12, 2008

bánh mì CAO THANG

Bánh mì, Vietnamese Sandwiches

No time to sit down and enjoy a meal? Isn't it fortunate that there's a quick and tasty solution. Bánh mì is known as a "Vietnamese sandwich" but the word also means bread. It might look like a "sub bread" but it stops there.

French colonialism introduced the baguette in Vietnam but Bánh mì (bread) looks nothing like French "baguette" in girth or in length. Authentic Bánh mì is made from rice flour and wheat. The version of bread offered by Cao Thang is a bread called "demi-ficelle" baked daily. You can find it in French bakeries around Montréal.

Mr. Maurice, the "Bánh mì maker", recommended that we try the "Cao Thang Sandwich". It's as close as it gets to an authentic sandwich in Vietnam. It's filled with steamed pork slices, Vietnamese lean pork paste, carrots and coriander. The quality of the bread and ingredients made for a delicious meal.

The other nice surprise we had was the exotic fruits drinks that they carry. You don't find these at your local supermarket.

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1082 Boul. St-Laurent
(In Chinatown)
Montréal, (QUÉBEC), Canada H2Z 1J5
Métro Place-D'Armes

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